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P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc.

Founded in 1992, The P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc., formerly known as the Central Florida Police Stress Unit, Inc. is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization that provides Law Enforcement focused Educational Training, Peer Support Counseling, Leadership Life Coaching, and trusted resources.


P S U Crisis Management and Training Group has a solid history of providing confidential response and educational training for Law Enforcement  Officers, Federal Agents, Correctional Officers, Crime Scene Technicians, Comm Center Personnel, Victim Advocates, and Chaplains.


P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc. was developed and designed to serve those who serve and protect. Our staff has a first-hand understanding of the profession. The stress and trauma associated with what can become a daily routine can take a toll on the person along with personal and professional relationships. We recognize that Law Enforcement personnel are not eager to ask for assistance. It's part of the Law Enforcement Culture and starts at the Law Enforcement Academy. We teach new recruits to take care of everyone else and when the officer is facing issues in their own life, they struggle alone.

"This job can be a killer even if no one is shooting at you."

  -- Captain M. MacDonald, Retired Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department