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Sunday, October 1, 2023 Training vs. Proactive Professional Development Through Education By Thomas Gillan, CLT, CMS, CLC – Director P S U Crisis Management and Training Group, Inc.  The Police Stress Unit   P S U Frontline Wellness Solutions Phone:  407-497-1465    e-mail:  leotrainer@aol.com   American Law Enforcement Officers must continue to develop their skills after they […]

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Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction in Policing

   January 9, 2023  The Police Stress Unit Frontline B O L O Program     Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction in Policing Alcohol abuse represents a critical issue in law enforcement work. According to a recent study, as many as 25 to 30% of law enforcement officers have addictions to either alcohol or drugs. […]

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Haunted By Their Work – Secondary / Vicarious Trauma In The Courthouse

Judges, Attorneys, and other court personnel may be at risk of secondary or vicarious trauma. Research on secondary or vicarious trauma initially focused on professions such as doctors, nurses, emergency responders, counselors, therapists and other helping professions who were repeatedly exposed to the traumatic events that affected the people they were charged with helping. The […]

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A year later our first responders continue to struggle with wounds that don’t bleed…

A year ago, police officers responded to the Pulse Night Club Shooting in Orlando, Florida. Today many of those officers continue to see the horrific scenes in their dreams, nightmares and flashbacks. Sometimes they are reminded of what they witnessed that night when responding to a current call for service. They call these memories the […]

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